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Get fit the VERTICAL way

Come experience what pole fitness is all about. All ages, sizes, and fitness levels are welcome. We will introduce you to pole safety, sensual stretching, floor work, development of your signature walk, and beautiful exhilarating spins. All classes have a general format of warm-up, stretching, improving flexibility, sensuality, confidence, and strength. We strive to make working out an enjoyable experience for the everyday woman. All classes are taught in a private studio for women only. Most importantly, all instructors are fully trained and receive recurring training on safety and injury prevention techniques to ensure you're not just sexy, but safe as well.  Learn  movements and techniques to help build strength, develop coordination, improve grace, and most importantly just dance sexy using the pole as a prop. Students will learn pole warm up, safety, sensual stretching and toning, signature walk, an exhilarating spins.  Come meet the instructor and other like-minded women. that have chosen the alternative form of exercise. NO EXPERIENCE required! All sizes and fitness levels welcome.  Space is limited to 5 students per class.


$20 - 60 min pole fitness class
Purchase 4 or more classes in a 30 day calendar month and receive a $2 discount per class.

Our pole fitness classes are designed to help you progress from your first time using the pole to more advanced and intensive levels. In each class, depending on the level, you’ll learn new pole spins, climbs and transitional work that will then be incorporated into a fun routine meant to tie in everything that you learned in class. Routines and moves will change on a weekly basis in single classes.

A pole fitness class designed for a complete beginner.  "Pole Virgins" will learn safety, POLE 101 and a signature walk getting familar with your body through movement.

A pole fitness class designed for the absolute beginner.  Classes will consist of basic spins and floor-work.

A pole fitness class to help increase your strength and familiarity with the pole doing spins, transitions and begin to climb.

A pole fitness class where you will incorporate aerial moves into a fluid routine using upper body and core strength attained for previous classes.

A fitness class using the pole ansd aerial yoga swings to gain stregth, flexiablity and balance. We use wights and excercise bass as well. 

*Pole and Aerial Class is limited to five per class.
*Each student will have their own pole/swing to work on.
*You must complete INTRO to POLE before moving forward in pole classes.

COST: $75 (60 min)
A private class designed to give you one-on-one instruction starting at any level. We'll show you how to make the most of your workout with custom tailored modifications, transitions, and tricks.

COST: $10
Need time to practice what you learned or just to maintain your skills? Modern Day Fitness gives you full access to the studio complete with poles, chairs and yoga mats, DVD player and a smart TV to view You tube videos. A month to month membership will give you access during designated hours.  Availability is on a first-come first-serve basis. NO INSTRUCTION will be provided.  Sign up for membership in studio.


$20- 60 min Fly Gym Class
$18- 4 or more Fly Gym classes per month 

Fly Gym is a holistic aerial fitness system that combines phsical conditioning with movement therapy that incorporatessuspended aerial yoga, pilates,excercises and aerial arts inspired movements.  The equipment includes 13 pieces with 7 slings for different body parts made of stretchy cotton blend fabric.  Participants suspendedtheir body to enjoy a 360 degree range of motion while sculping the body in the air, increasing strength, body awareness, increase joint mobility an decompression of the spine.


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