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Our classes incorporate sensual stretches and artistic dance movements using a vertical pole. Pole fitness is a beautiful exercise and art form with similar characteristics to Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Jazz and Modern styles of dance. The workouts are a fun and an effective way to achieve amazing strength and weight loss results in a private, safe, and secure environment. Classes will teach you how to express with your body in harmony with who you are as a fabulous and unique individual. Pole fitness enhances the mind, body, and soul, by providing an empowering, sexy, and effective alternative workout regimen. Not only will you see an incredible physical transformation but, the newfound confidence will be rewarding as well. This classy, private and professional pole fitness studio has vowed to help everyday women accomplish their fitness goals through vertical dance expression. We are devoted to making sure that working out is so much fun you can’t help but to do it and do it often By offering fabulous, fun, flirty, pole dancing for fitness classes, any woman can discover their inner beauty. We are dedicated to celebrating the natural beauty of a woman’s body.

Aerial BENE-fitness
• Improve muscle tone and posture
• Increase strength 
• Burn fat 
• Increase flexibility 
• Work cardiovascular system 
• Improve body confidence and self image 
• Feel more feminine and sensual 
• Explore the beautiful, sensual ways your body can move 
• Add weight bearing/resistance exercise 
• Reduce stress 
• Lower cholesterol 
• Get out of normal boring “work-out routine 
• Get your sexy back and feel more free, less inhibited 
• Learn  to love your ENTIRE body

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